chibi venomancer chibi wizard This site is dedicated to providing daily updates for the random NPC locations for your homstead quests for the Perfect World International PC game. Each day at server reset time the locations of these NPC's will change their location so there will be a delay between then and when we can provide the new locations.

Our guild (Kindrid) is always looking for new/active members. If you are a level 100+ main and looking for a great guild, please feel free to check out our Guild Homepage and fill out the application to join (Or apply in-game at the factions NPC), we don't care about your gear and crap, we just want nice/awesome people.

Alternatively you can Click Here to chat live with us on our Discord server (no need to install anything).

All location Coordinates are to the nearest town/location for the NPC, you may have to look around town/area to find your NPC.

If the following locations are out of date you can Click Here to communicate with others and/or let others know where to find an NPC. I will update the table each morning.

Stationary NPC Locations (2018-02-17)
NPC Name Location Coordinates
Fox Child Forgotten Sanctuary 472, 262
Geon Nenya Dragon's End 283, 567
Granny Sven Orchid Temple 579, 765
Jade Feline Bleakhaven Ruins 773, 961
Kon Leron East Barrier Village 176, 875
Leu Ninsi North Barrier Village 153, 894
Shon Saiven Altar of Dreams 778, 935
Sonn Katson King's Feast 463, 431
Tsen Wankay Ancient Wall 290, 817
Vin Horlan Swiftwind Tribe 373, 762
Wan Yirzin Sundown Town 126, 590
Yon Tonsyn Town of Arrivals 119, 640
Zuw Yonen Shrine of the Immortals 117, 258

Roaming NPC Locations (2018-02-17)
NPC Name Location Coordinates
Dil Honse Island of Broken Dreams 665, 248
Jan Holfen The Fissure 152, 249
Jee Enir Forest of the Plume 386, 444
Lee Sefan Rook's Valley 434, 477
Loo Kohan Bamboo Village 370, 351
Lor Wenil Forgotten Sanctuary 472, 262
Ol Ninze Dawnglory 756, 865
Wan Lanch Plain of Farewells 238, 774
Wong Zehow Windy Tomb Canyon 161, 376
Xi Chenko Walled Stronghold 566, 875

Elementalist Boss Locations
Boss Name Location Coordinates
Blazing Fire Elementalist Land of the Burning Heart 131, 782
Earth Elementalist Land of Buried Bones 130, 415
Flooding Water Elementalist Icespine Pass 470, 285
Gigantic Wood Elementalist Broken Plain 363, 894
Gilded Metal Elementalist Forest of Haze 690, 493
The respawn time for these are pretty long (~40+ min), just keep checking back if it's not there

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Frequrently Asked Questions

Kindrid seems like a cool place, can I join?

You're right, its an awesome guild. We are always looking for new members and would love for you to join. Fill out an application to join @

I'm happy with my current guild, can I join your discord just to hang out?

Of course, we are always happy to have more people around. Just click here to join our discord server.

Who maintains this site/database?

Both me (ChiickNorris) and my wife (GingerVenom) maintain this site, we are currently not looking for anyone else to help maintain it.

Is there anything I can do to help you out?

Sure, please disable any ad-blocking addons you might be running for this page. Also, feel free to click the "Donate" button on the bottom of the page. Anything at all helps.

The NPC location is wrong?

Some of the NPCS have a path they will roam around, sometimes its easier to just wait in a single location for him/her to pass by (unless you know the path it roams). The NPCS listed in the stationary NPC table should be at the listed coordinates as they do not move/roam.
Also, the NPCS listed on this site are only for the Tideswell PWI server. Unfortunately, we do not maintain a list for the other server(s).

I can't find the (water/fire/earth/wood/metal) Elementalist?

These bosses have a ~40+ minute respawn timer, so if its not there you will have to keep checking back until it spawns. These bosses are also fairly strong, so you might want to ask some friends to come along to help you kill it.

How do I get a homestead?

Before you are able to obtain the quest(s) to get your own personal homstead you will need to meet a few requirements on your character. Once you meet the following requirements you will get a popup-quest that will begin your journey. A more detailed guide about getting and using your homstead can be found here.
  • Level 90+ character
  • 35,000 reputation points
  • Cultivation level 89+ (need to be able to get to the sage/demon maps)

Do I Need a homestead?

You will eventually need one for certain skill upgrades and to get the item required to be able to actually use your "ultimate" skill (subsiding dirt).

Is there an easy way to get 35,000 reputation points?

Yes, however you will need to be able to do Flowsilver Palace daily. Each Wraith Officer's Badge will give you 25 reputation points, for a total of 750 reputation points for 5 shiny flowsilver coins.
Grand Total: 5,750 Reputation points per day from doing Flowsilver Palace (deicide mode).
So that's just 7 days of doing only FSD to get a free homestead for your character (35,000 reputation points).